7 Tips for Picking the Right Granite Countertop

Tips to finding the perfect granite countertop for your Dallas, TX home

Installing granite countertops in your home is perhaps the quickest way to improve its overall look. Granite’s beautiful appeal is undebatable, but the natural stone also impresses in both the durability and ease of maintenance categories. So, without further ado, let’s help you find the right granite countertop for your home.

Here are 7 helpful tips:

Familiarize yourself with granite

First off, you should know that no two granite slabs are the same. This makes for a truly unique feature within your home. You should also know that there are three types of granite:

Solid granite essentially carries one color all throughout. Every piece of granite will show at least a little color differentiation as granite is a naturally grainy material. However, solid granite is minimally grainy.

granite countertopSpeckled granite is intentionally spotty. Its spottiness gives it a very eye-catching look, but also a soothing look.

Marbled granite offers spacious, spread out streaks of color that give it a luxurious appearance.

Admittedly, it’s difficult to describe the beauty of granite in words, but you’ll quickly be able to tell the difference as you take a look at each type. It won’t take you long to fall in love with one.

Do you want slab or tile granite?

Slab granite is widely known as the better look; however, tile is cheaper. In comparison, tile’s lesser price is about the only advantage over slab. Of course, quality is represented by price. Plus, tile granite comes with grout, and grout can be a pain to maintain. Slab granite is a wholesome look and is very much popularized in many of today’s modern homes. There’s a good chance you’ve already made your choice, but if you are on a budget, tile may be ideal.

Compile a list of questions

Through your research, you’ll certainly come away with a number of questions. The good news is there are plenty of capable granite outlets out there to help answer those questions. With that said, granite experts can only answer the questions that your present to them; it won’t help if you forget what you were going to ask. Therefore, every time you think of a question, write it down. Bring your list of questions to the granite shop and you will leave with them answered.

Take your time in choosing the right color

Functionality is definitely important, but design and color will likely excite you more than anything. The best way to determine the perfect color match for your selected room is to take pictures of the selected room and bring them with you when you shop for granite. Another option, perhaps an even better one, is to bring a sample of your cabinetry and flooring when shopping. Matching granite with cabinetry can be trickier than it seems.

You should always take advantage of samples

Samples work both ways. Bringing your own helps, but so does taking some home with you. You’ll get a more ideal perspective of how your granite countertops would fit in with their surroundings by bringing samples home. Wall color, cabinetry color, floor type and appliances will all contribute to the overall appeal of the granite you select for your kitchen. Lighting needs to be considered as well. At-home samples are more realistic than bringing pictures of your kitchen or bathroom to the granite store.

Consider the type of edges for your granite

You really can’t go wrong with any type of edging for your granite countertop. Whether it be bullnosed, beveled, or straight edged, each type will contribute nicely to the overall look. With that said, the decided edging plays a role from a safety standpoint. Especially if you have small children running around your Dallas, TX home, it can be dangerous to have straight edged granite countertops. Bullnose or beveled would be wiser choices in such a scenario.

Do you want an undermount sink?

Lastly, an undermount sink partners very well with a granite countertop. Granite is fitted around this type of sink as the sink is installed underneath the countertop. You generally see undermount sinks in kitchens; however, not all bathrooms have them. It’s simply easy to clean a granite countertop with an undermount sink because you can just scrub any crumbs from the countertop into the sink.

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