Tips for matching granite and cabinetry

Matching granite and cabinetry

With the right selections, you can ready your kitchen for the next 30 years. Ready it in terms of durability and appearance. Granite takes care of both qualities by itself; however, granite is only part of the kitchen. You still have to make the rest of it look nice. The second biggest influence to granite is cabinetry. Here are a few tips for matching granite and cabinetry in your kitchen:

First decision: Compliment or Contrast?

Any great design starts with a plan. In this instance, you first need to determine which approach to take towards your kitchen design. There are two options when matching granite and cabinetry: the complimentary look and the contrasting look. Complimentary matching involves a granite countertop and a cabinet set that are similar in color. Contrasting matching, on the other hand, consists of matching a dark colored granite countertop with light colored cabinetry, or vise versa. Matching granite with cabinetryAn example of a complimentary design would be a gold granite with a light maple cabinet. Or, a black granite with oak cabinets. The complimentary approach offers a soothing, welcoming look. Specifically, the gold granite with light maple combination would look beautiful in a kitchen with a lot of natural light. An example of a contrasting design would be black cabinets with white granite. Or, of course, white cabinets with black granite. This look offers more of a bold, exquisite look. You can also try to match the cabinets color with one of the color grains of granite. Granite is made up of all types of minerals; therefore, there are different grains of color within the primary color. A black granite countertop will have bits of gray or white within it. Thus, gray or white countertops would be a nice complimentary, or contrasting look.

Second decision: Select colors based off the first decision

Once you make the first decision, your second decision is to pick the exact colors you want your granite and cabinetry to be. Choose your granite countertop color first. Granite is an investment and a relatively pricey one at that. For this reason, you want to make sure you love your granite choice before you love your cabinetry choice. It takes a lot less time, money, and effort to replace cabinetry, as opposed to granite. Take a cabinet drawer with you when you go pick out your granite. This will give you a close up, somewhat realistic idea of how the two will match. That is, if you intend to keep your current countertops. If you are committed to new ones, make your granite selection and then use a granite sample to go pick out your cabinetry.

Third decision: Accent color?

Next, the granite and cabinetry can be installed. Most granite wholesalers in Dallas, TX will offer installation as well. You will want to rely on professionals to properly install your granite countertop and cabinetry. Once installed, you can let out a huge sigh of relief, as the tough parts are done. Finally, you just have to choose an accent color for the kitchen fixtures. You can’t go wrong with metallic or silver fixtures. Though, dark brown fixtures can look great with complimentary designs, and black fixtures can look great with contrasting designs. Once the fixtures are in place, your project is complete! Just like that, your kitchen is the most appealing room in the house. Galaxy Granite & Stone will help you through this process from beginning to end. We have plenty of granite options for you to choose from and we’ll give you our expert advise on finding the right look for your kitchen. Contact Galaxy Granite & Stone today! Also, visit our blog for additional helpful information, such as how to take care of your granite.