How to Prepare for New Kitchen Countertops

Prepare for new kitchen countertops

Having new kitchen countertops installed within your Dallas, TX home is exciting. Countertops give off extreme character and can vastly improve the overall look of a home. As such, you want everything to go smoothly when it comes to installation. Your chosen contractor will take care of the tedious tasks; however, there are a few courtesies and precautions for the homeowner tend to prior to installation.

Clear your countertops

Before the new countertops can be worked on, you of course have to clear off the old countertops. This won’t take more than a few minutes, but it’s best to take care of this easy step before the professional installers arrive. If you wait until they get to your home to clear the countertops, you will either be delaying them or getting in their way. Clearing your countertop space in advance makes for a smooth start to the project. Be sure unplug any and all electronics as well. Ultimately, you don’t want anything to get in the way of the workers.

Cover the flooring in the work area

new kitchen countertopsCountertop installation is going to be messy before it is clean. Your chosen countertop material will need to be cut, polished and trimmed. Saw dust will be flying around, along with dust and other random debris. To minimize your cleaning efforts once the project is complete, place some sort of covering over the flooring in your kitchen.

Whether it be a tarp, towels, or blankets, try to cover the area. Certainly, you also want to consider the safety of the workers. Hence, ensure that your floor protector is firmly in place so no slipping occurs.

Clear path from the front door to the kitchen

The crew will be going in and out as installation proceeds. They will be carrying in heavy materials and won’t always have a clear line of vision. Make sure the path from your front door to the kitchen is completely clear. No furniture, no kids’ toys…nothing. The last thing you want is for that precious material that your purchased to fall out of someone’s hands and get damaged or cause damage.

Be sure fixtures are ready for the contractor

It is not uncommon for Dallas, TX homeowners to order new fixtures to go along with their new kitchen countertops. New faucets, sinks, and soap dispensers are examples. To ensure precision, it’s very helpful to the installers if you have the new items available for them to install. As a result, they will know the exact dimensions and diameters to drill the necessary holes in the countertop material for the fixtures to be placed. Ideally, they will take care of this on the spot; however, they cannot do so if they do not have the fixtures at their disposal.

Create a temporary kitchen space

Countertop installation is an inconvenience, but only a temporary one. Your contractor should have the job done within a day or two. In the meantime, you’ll probably want to create a makeshift kitchen space. Take your essential kitchen items and set them up in a designated area. This could be your mudroom, laundry room, dining room, etc. As a matter of fact, this would be the time to make use of any mini refrigerators laying around the house. Your contractor will get the job done as quickly as possible, but there is no way of avoiding a slight adjustment in your kitchen routine for a day or two.

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