Why granite tile flooring?

If you think granite countertops will enhance the look of your home, think about what granite floors would do! Granite is an elegant material. It’s a type of natural stone that offers many great characteristics in terms of resistance and appearance. You can have granite flooring installed in either slab or tile form. Here’s everything you need to know about granite tile flooring in Dallas, TX:


One defining quality of granite is its durability. Granite is an igneous rock that is formed under extreme heat. Its natural form enables it to withstand almost any impact and atmosphere. Therefore, it shouldn’t have much of a problem withstanding the everyday activities of a household. Ultimately, granite should last for the lifetime of a home.


Granite tile flooring will give a home an elegant look. It doesn’t stand out quite as much as marble flooring, but granite is less expensive and less vulnerable to daily foot traffic than marble. The grains in each granite tile give the flooring its character and overall sleek appearance that will have guests in envy. It’s up to you to choose the granite color and design. Usually, homeowners find a perfect match for their rooms with either black or white granite tile flooring.


Granite is difficult to scratch. In fact, granite is harder to scratch than marble and hardwood flooring. Normal movement of furniture should not pose any threat to granite flooring, nor should pets. Granite is also heat-resistant due to its igneous nature. The heat from sunlight won’t give it any problems; so granite tiling can even be installed outdoors.

Resale Value

Granite tile flooring carries a lot of weight in terms of increasing a home’s resale value. It has more value than porcelain tile, hardwood and most other flooring materials. Granite tile and its installation will cost a decent buck, butyou’ll make up the cost or even make a bit extra if/when you do sell your home.


One characteristic of granite to be wary of is its porosity. Granite is a porous material, meaning that liquids can penetrate the surface and cause staining. That’s why wiping up spills immediately is essential with granite tile flooring. The best way to handle granite’s porosity is to have it sealed. A sealant will form a protective layer to keep liquids from seeping through. Sealants don’t last forever; they’ll probably need to be replaced every 2-3 years.


Generally speaking, granite is easy to maintain. A mop or Swiffer will take care of the granite itself, but the tile grout might require more attention. Grout attracts dirt rather easily, and dirt can become very noticeable between each tile. You’ll want to clean tile grout routinely. It’s also be a good idea to have guests remove their shoes at the front door.

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