The Greatness of Granite Countertops

There is nothing more inviting than granite countertops. Granite single-handedly creates a luxurious, attention-grabbing look for a room. Whether installed in a kitchen, bathroom, or on a home bar, the natural stone will take over the room, and in the best way. Kitchens are the most common remodeling project these. So many kitchens are outdated, and thus, due for complete remodels. As part of the project, make your new kitchen worth the effort by having sturdy and long-lasting granite countertops installed.

How durable are granite countertops?granite countertops

Again, granite is a natural stone. It has survived the test of time; therefore, it should survive the test of your home. Granite is arguably one of the hardest stone countertops choices. It’s harder than limestone, travertine, and marble. The only other stone that gives granite a run for its money in terms of its hardness is quartz. Granite can withstand virtually any impact. Common accidents that occur in kitchens and bathrooms will have no effect on granite. Even if you drop a crock pot on it, no damage will be done. The same goes for a blow dryer or hair straightener in a bathroom. Granite is also heat resistant. It’s be able to endure extreme temperatures. For example, an oven tray that just came out of a 425° oven will not damage a granite countertops if the two come in contact. However, one slight drawback to granite is the fact that it’s a porous stone. Porous meaning that water can penetrate the surface if left on the surface for a considerable amount of time. However, simply getting your granite sealed will help prevent this drawback from having any effect on your countertop. Experts recommend having granite sealed, and then re-sealed every 2-3 years to maximize its life span. Ultimately, very few things can damage granite. That’s why it lasts for so long.

How flexible is the design of a granite countertop?

No two slabs of granite are alike. It’s pretty much impossible to find a slab of granite with the exact same designs as another. Thus, granite countertops are unique. You can say with complete honesty that your granite countertop is the only one of its kind. Granite has a limitless amount of design options. It can be found in all kinds of colors with all kinds of patterns. Galaxy Granite & Stone has a large selection of granite in stock at all times. Our store can show you in person just how beautiful and versatile granite countertops can be. The combination of its durability and elegance make granite on of the top countertop options. Quartz is luxurious as well, but it’s more expensive than granite is. Travertine and limestone give great looks to a room, but neither is as sturdy as granite. At the end of your serach for countertops, you just can’t argue against the unique qualities of granite.

Where do I buy granite and how do I install it?

Galaxy Granite & Stone has the answer to both questions. We’re not just a flooring store. We also offer expertise that goes past just flooring and into the world of countertops. Not only do we offer great advice, but we also offer countertop installation services. An expert from our team can visit your home and complete a free countertop estimate. Once complete, we can move onto scheduling an installation appointment. You make your granite selection and we’ll deliver it and install it. It’s that simple. Contact or visit Galaxy Granite & Stone today to get one step closer to enhancing the look of your home. Check out our blog for more information about our products and the industry.   Need Granite Countertops? Call Galaxy Granite & Stone at (972) 525-4989!