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Granite gives a kitchen a look of elegance that will last many years. The only thing about granite is ensuring that the rest of your kitchen is up-to-date with its contemporary look. Furthermore, you might end up needing an entire kitchen upgrade if it’s outdated. But even then, it’ll be worth it. The best way to an improved kitchen is by having granite countertops from Dallas installed!

Granite’s appearance is vast and versatileGranite Countertops

Granite has become very popular over the past few decades or so; though, despite how common the use of granite as kitchen countertops has become, it still offers uniqueness.

How so?

Each slab of granite is different from any other. In other words, no two slabs of granite are the same. A slab of granite has grains and veins in random patterns, which is what gives it character. You’ll never find a slab with the same color tones and grains.

Granite’s appeal is homey and elegant at the same time. You’ll find it in hundreds of different shades. Most commonly, white, black, gray and beige granite colors make up modern countertops. These colors fit most kitchen color schemes and go nicely with the natural light that spreads throughout a kitchen area. That being said, granite can be found in more unique colors, such as blue, green and red. These can look amazing in a kitchen, but the catch is finding the combination of cabinetry and flooring in colors that will properly balance it.

You’ll find the right design for your granite countertops right here in Dallas. There are tons of granite designs to fall in love with, so make sure to narrow down your search. Settle on a color, then choose a design!

Granite will last a long time

The combination of elegant looks and extreme durability make granite an amazing choice. Granite is an igneous rock and is formed as a natural part of the earth. Its natural makeup makes it strong and hard; more than capable of handling the everyday use of a kitchen.

Granite is heat-resistant, scratch-resistant and doesn’t allow bacteria to grow. It can withstand hot temperatures, to the point that placing a hot pan from the stove top onto granite will not do any damage to the surface. Even so, you should avoid making this a habit. Constant exposure to such heat can cause the color of granite to fade. Use trivets and heat pads when possible.

Scratching shouldn’t be much of an issue either. Granite’s hardness makes it hard to scratch. Even if you accidentally run a sharp knife over it, the granite will remain undamaged. However, keep in mind that granite can actually end up dulling knives.

With regards to bacteria, granite’s pores are so small that they hardly leave any room for bacteria traps. The surface is smooth and easy to clean (we’ll get into this later); thus, bacteria shouldn’t be a problem as long as you clean your granite when needed.

Easy to maintain

All it takes to clean granite countertops is mild dish soap and water. Running a damp sponge over it once every few days or after a day of lots of cooking will keep it in great condition. Don’t ever pour water directly onto the surface, as granite is a porous material. Wetting a sponge is fine, but make sure to dry the surface right after it’s cleaned.

Be conscious of cleaning solutions and instruments. Thistles on cleaning brushes are generally soft; but they can eventually scratch and damage the surface if constantly used to clean it. Additionly, some chemical cleaners can discolor the surface. Ask the manufacturer of your granite countertops to find out which cleaning solutions are safe to use.

Honestly, there isn’t really a need to go beyond the dish soap/water combination. It will effectively clean your granite countertops.

Installation requires expertise

As for installation, granite isn’t exactly an installation project that you can DIY. In all likelihood, you’ll need the help of a professional granite countertop installation company.

First of all, granite is heavy. Not to the extent that it can only be lifted by a machine, but you’ll probably strain some muscles if you try to move it by yourself from the store to your car and from your car into your home. With professional installation, you won’t have to lift a finger!

Secondly, granite installation is extremely precise. It must be cut to perfection and placed to where it will stay put. Cutting the general slab shape is difficult enough; but cutting holes in granite to fit around sinks, faucets, outlets and whatever else might be in the way…that’s a tedious task that will need an expert’s attention to detail.

Also, forming specific granite edges is extremely difficult and should only be left to the pros. We’ll get into the different types of granite edges next, but just know that quite a bit of effort goes into creating their stunning looks.

The tools used to cut and install granite might be ones that you’ve never used and maybe never even seen before. The time to learn how to use them is NOT when you are trying to remodel your kitchen or bathroom.

Types of granite edges

Granite slabs are usually either ¾ inch thick or 1 ¼ inches thick. The edges offer another opportunity for creativity as they can be designed in a number of different ways. You’ll have plenty of types of edges to choose from…

Straight Edge

Straight Edge is a classic look. The countertops breaks into right angles at the ends to create a squared edge. It sounds plain, but the look is bold and confident. Be careful if you have children around the house that happen to be the height of the countertops, as they can be hurt by it.


Bullnose edge granite is a popular choice. It is essentially a rounded edge. You can also choose the half-bullnose edge, which is basically a semi-circle met with a straight edge in the middle. Half-bullnose edges will be pointed at the bottom. Choosing between straight edge and bullnose edge granite is truly a matter of preference. Neither look is meant to draw attention away from the slab itself. That being said, both certainly have the capability of gaining guests’ attention.


Beveled granite edges have more of a refined design. The granite countertops slant off at the edge around 1/5 of an inch (for a 1 ¼ inch thick slab) and then angle straight down from there. A beveled edge adds tons of character to an already elegant countertop. If you have the preference for and the budget to have a beveled edge installed, we highly recommend it!


Speaking of character, ogee-edged granite adds tons of it. Essentially, the edges are layered at an angle. Thus, the edge will expand slightly as each layer is set. Some homeowners may feel like this design is too busy for their kitchen. It lengthens the granite slab a few inches and you may not want it for your kitchen. The design is undeniably a nice one, but, again, it’s simply a matter of preference. The ogee-edged granite may be better for adding character to a modern bathroom.

WaterfallKitchen Countertops

Waterfall edge granite is a cool and modern design. Chances are you haven’t seen too many kitchens with such an edge, if any at all. With this type of edge, the top surface takes a right angle at the end and continues all the way down to the floor. Two sides are covered by the granite and two sides are left open. The open sides typically contain cabinets. This design is best for kitchen islands, especially narrow ones. Your kitchen would have to be pretty spacious for a narrow island. If your kitchen design fits six=ze and budget required, you should strongly consider the waterfall edge for your countertop. Everyone who sets foot in your home will be in awe!

The key to protecting granite

Granite doesn’t have many weaknesses. It’s heat-resistant, scratch-resistant, bacteria-resistant, easy to clean, visually appealing…what’s not to like about granite countertops?

Well, it does have one vulnerability…

As we briefly mentioned earlier, granite is a porous material. Porous means that a surface has tiny holes, or pores, which water can penetrate. Once water gets through the pores it can settle at the core of the material and cause staining at the surface. In most cases, water reaching the core of granite won’t cause any significant damage, but it might change its elegant look. That’s why it’s recommended to keep the countertops as dry as possible.

Also, you should get your granite countertops sealed. A sealant will protect the surface from water damage. It will last for a year or two, so you’ll need to get it resealed when the seal fades away.

You may ask, when will I know when to have my granite resealed?

There’s a really simple test you can conduct to find out. Just sprinkle a few drops of water onto the countertop’s surface. If the drops bead together, your sealant is fine. If the drops soak through or separate, it’s time for a new sealant.

Sealing your granite is really important. If you want to maximize its lifespan, you need to have it sealed. Don’t worry, it shouldn’t take any more than 10 minutes!

How much will granite cost?

We wish we could give you an exact answer, but it all depends. How much granite do you need? What thickness did you decide on? What design? What type of edge?

The answer to each question factors into the price of the granite. Generally speaking, granite is a bit less expensive than quartz and considerably less expensive than marble. It is uncommon for a homeowner to choose a countertop material that doesn’t fall under the natural stone category. Therefore, granite countertops could easily be considered the most affordable among natural stone materials. Consider its durability and appearance, you truly can’t go wrong!

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Galaxy Granite also offers various backsplashes to compliment your brand-new granite countertops. We have everything you’ll need to transform your kitchen from outdated to modern.


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