Granite Countertop Installation

There’s nothing like a new slab of granite to make your kitchen even more beautiful than it already is. You’ll be looking forward to the complete look, but you first need to have the granite installed. Whether you’re planning on installing it yourself or you’re interested in how the pros do it, here’s what you should know about granite countertop installation

Phase by phase:

Make a templatejuicing machine

The most important part of granite installation: MEASUREMENT.

All measurements need to be exact so that it can be cut to perfection. Slight cutting adjustments can be done at the time of installation, but you really want to avoid any major changes.

The easiest way to measure granite is by making a cardboard template. You simply lay the cardboard over your current kitchen countertop, label the edges and whatever cutouts need to be make — sink and fixture holes — and then cut the cardboard into that shape. Once cut, the cardboard should be the exact size of the countertop and the holes should perfectly align with the cutouts.

Measure the cardboard and use those measurements for your granite slab.

Choosing your granite and type of edge

Now, for the fun part, you get to choose your granite! Before you head to a granite store, it helps to narrow down your choices by looking online. There are so many different granite designs, colors and patterns that your search might be overwhelming at first. Determine your ideal color — whether it’s gray, white, black, beige, brown, blue, or green — and then go to the shop to find the exact one you’re looking for.

Other than the slab, you’ll also have to choose a type of edge. As with granite colors, there will be plenty of options to choose from.

Some of the more unique edge types include bullnose, ogee, and beveled. Though, straight and square edge can add sophistication to a kitchen. Lastly, a waterfall edge is bold and can stand out remarkably in a spacious kitchen.

Discuss your design options with the manufacturer or contractor and inform him/her of your final choices. If you provide your measurements, the professionals will cut the slab to meet them. This will make for ease of transportation and installation.


Granite is heavy; heavy enough to where multiple people will need to carry it. Your contractor will take care of it, but if you’re moving it on your own, be sure to secure the slab vertically. DO NOT lay it flat. It needs to be strapped down (or, in this case, up); there should be a 0% chance of the slab falling.

Once it arrives to your Dallas, TX home, have a handful of capable individuals surround the granite, pick it up, and carry it in like you would carry a heavy glass table. A broken slab will ruin the whole project, so be very careful with it.

Place the slab on top of the base cabinets; it will only require slight movement from there on out. After that, the granite countertop installation process really begins.


Assuming you’re working with pre-cut granite, slide the edges up against the wall for proper fitting. Any unlevelness needs to be fixed by using a wet saw. A wet saw will finely cut the granite and will limit the mess created. Make sure to wear protective gear (particularly eyewear) while using a saw.

You can rent a wet saw from a granite shop or hardware store. However, you should only use one if you have experience with it and if you can keep a steady hand.

It’s important that the base cabinets are level as well. If they aren’t, a shim can be added between the cabinetry and floorboards. Don’t place the shim between the cabinet and granite or else the edge width and design will be affected.

Make the seams disappear

Slabs are usually three meters in length; therefore, the installers will have to deal with at least one seam. Seems are not noticeable from far away, but they’ll definitely prevent your granite countertops from being perfect. Given the total costs of the project and the amount time it takes, you deserve a perfect kitchen counter!

To get rid of the seam you’ll need to lay tape over it. Use two-part epoxy and spread it over the seam. Make sure you have an epoxy color that blends in with the color of your granite. Once it dries, you can scrape away the excess epoxy with the putty knife used to spread it.

Countertop contractors often bring a pressurized machine that can successful push together the two edges that make up the seam to make it disappear. The practice is difficult so we suggest leaving this to the pros if you want to get the job done the best way.

Fasten the countertop to the cabinets

Caulk is the material that will be used to fasten the countertop to the cabinets. We suggest using an acrylic caulk instead of a silicon one. Silicon can cause staining, or discoloration, to the grain. Let the caulk set for a few minutes and your granite should be secured in place.

Caulk, along with the many other materials or tools we’ve mentioned so far, can be purchased from your local hardware store. Some of the bigger, more specialized items can even be rented. Renting is ideal, as you probably won’t need them again (or at least that often).

Create the edges

We discussed the types of edges earlier on. Creating the finished edges is a job best left to the pros. The task requires experience with a saw. The edges may need to be rounded and many designs require precise craftsmanship.

You can leave the edges as is, but the look will suffer. They’re also sharp and pointed, so they can be a risk to you or any children that might be running around.

Talk to an expert and consider the various edge options that are available. There is a lot to consider when it comes to granite countertop installation, but the good news is that bad choices are hard to make. You’ll find the right granite for your kitchen, without a doubt. The installation will be the finishing touch to the kitchen of your dreams.

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