Unique fixtures, such as faucets, can stand out. They might not be the first thing someone who enters the bathroom will notice, though, they will add to the overall comfort of the room. 

If only finding the final piece of the puzzle within a bathroom design was as easy as finding the final piece of a puzzle for an actual puzzle. Unfortunately, it usually isn’t. It’s certainly easier than starting from scratch; however, there’s a lot of pressure to finding the perfect piece for your bathroom design. 

The use of wall mounted faucets pave way for the installation of narrow vanity or sink. This bathroom remodeling design has been in existence for a long period. This furnishing idea can significantly free up some storage space in the bathroom. People with small bathrooms should consider this idea as it works almost everywhere. 

Four Kinds of Faucets: 

  • CompressionAll compression faucets have separate,turnable handles for hot and cold water. Compression faucet handles connect to two stem assemblies (one for each handle). Stem assemblies are essentially screws with washers at the end. These assemblies sit over the faucet’s valve seat, which is where water flows into the faucet. When you close the faucet, you’re driving the stem assembly down to the valve seat. When it reaches the valve seat, the stem’s washer compresses over the valve seat and cuts off water flow. When you open the faucet again, the washer rises and allows the water to flow again. 
  • Ball: Especially common in kitchen sinks. A ball faucet’s handle controls a rotating ball called the lever ball assembly. The lever ball assembly is located inside the faucet’s body. The assembly sits on a system of springs and inlets directly over the opening where water through the faucet. This ball has chambers and slots built into it. These slots align with hot and cold inlet seats inside the body of the faucet itself. By maneuvering the ball, you’re aligning the slots in the ball with the inlet seats in the faucet and controlling how water flows through the faucet. 
  • DiscDisc faucets are much more recent design than either compression or ball faucets. The large, cylindrical body of the faucet contains two ceramic discs: an upper disc and one lower disc. The upper disc rotates with the handle, while the lower disc stays locked in place. These two highly-polished discs are both perfectly flat, so when they’re pressed together they form a watertight seal. When you open the faucet to let water flow, the upper disc separates from the lower disk. Water passes through the newly-created gap until you close the faucet again. 
  • CartridgeUnlike the other types of faucet, cartridge faucets can have either one or two handles. Cartridge faucets contain a hollow metal cartridge inside the body of the faucet. This hollow cartridge seals the faucet, blocking water flow from both hot and cold water lines. When you open the faucet, you push the cartridge forward. In its forward position, the cartridge no longer covers the water lines, so water flows through the faucet. When adjusting temperature, you’re rotating the cartridge slightly so that it blocks either the cold or hot water intakes. 

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