The Best Countertops for an Outdoor Kitchen

Top countertops for an outside kitchen

What a luxurious, homey, comforting, welcoming look an outdoor kitchen could provide to your home. That is, if you do it right. A very important aspect to an outdoor kitchen is countertop selection. Not only for looks, but also durability. Here are the top countertop options for you to consider, accounting for appearance and toughness:

Natural Stone

It’s hard to come across a bad natural stone look. Natural stones offer such unique and elegant looks. That being said, you do have to be careful when choosing a stone for outdoor purposes. For example, quartz is beautiful, but it’s not necessarily a good choice for the outdoors. Reason being, quartz’s standout color is likely to fade when exposed to heat. It is also susceptible to moisture, more so than other natural stones Granite and soapstone are the recommended stone countertop options. Each carry an exquisite appearance and can take on heat. Soapstone is heat resistant, while granite can be affected by heat, but only with darker colored versions. Thus, lighter granites such as white or soft gray are often best. Soapstone is moisture resistant as well; granite withstands moisture as long as it is sealed. It would seem soapstone has the edge in character. Because of this, it is slightly more expensive than granite.


Concrete is growing in popularity as an outdoor kitchen selection. Consumers are beginning to realize that it can be used for more than walking paths and roads. Moreover, concrete can make for a clean, wholesome countertop choice. It can be installed in practically any color and can truly blend in with any backyard, especially since almost every backyard has some sort of concrete fixation already. The knock on concrete is its proneness to cracking. You would think the material would be indestructible; however, cold weather or poor installation can weaken concrete.


Porcelain, ceramic and stone tiles are all great choices. They are easy to clean and sturdy. They are also stain-resistant. The issue with tiles is not the tiles themselves, but the tile grout. Grout can get very dirty overtime and can be a bare to clean. Thus, have darker tile grout installed. It will still get dirty, though it will be a lot tougher to notice the dirt. It’s important to realize the bigger the tile the less grout that will be needed. Bigger tiles often make for a better look than smaller tiles anyhow. In addition, there are plenty of different tile designs, all very affordable. Tile is cheaper to purchase and install than both natural stone and concrete. The primary downside to tile is it can crack if exposed to freezing temperatures. The back and forth between freezing and thawing can cause terrors to tile grout. Ceramic tile is more so affected by cold temperatures than porcelain. For any and all of your outdoor kitchen countertop needs, Galaxy Granite & Stone is your top selection. We sell and install numerous types of countertop materials and we will set you up with a free initial estimate. Contact Galaxy Granite & Stone today! Also, please visit our blog for additional helpful information.